Why I'm running

I’m running for DC Council because we need a lawmaker that’s fighting to provide all of us the opportunities we need to get ahead.

I grew up in neighborhoods where there were many barriers to success and few chances to get ahead. However, the direction of my life changed when I had a few opportunities provided to me. Stories like mine are rare in DC, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


I’m leveraging my professional experience to build a coalition of people focused on addressing the rising cost of housing, reforming our education system, building government accountability, tackling public safety challenges and being better stewards of our environment. It’s time for new ideas and new leadership on the Council, it's time for a Goodwin for DC!



As local property values increase, all Washingtonians should have opportunities to see the benefits of this prosperity. 

On the Council, I will focus on ensuring that residents of all income levels have programs available to become homeowners. We will expand the District’s Home Purchase Assistance Program, support the production of workforce housing units through the Housing Production Trust Fund and incentivize the creation of more rent to ownership programs. 


I want the Council to double down on its commitment to preserve and create affordable rental housing units. We will invest in Permanent Supportive Housing and the Local Rent Supplement Programs to address the growing housing demands of the District.


If you are a senior that has lived in DC for decades, we want you to be able to remain in your community. With a growing senior population that is living longer, it is essential that we expand programs that allow seniors to use the equity in their homes to finance projects to make their homes safe to age in place. I will also vigorously fight back against predatory financial institutions that are looking to take advantage of our senior population and their wealth generated by their housing assets. 


As housing prices have increased, so has homelessness. I support the Rapid Rehousing program, wrap-around services to families and expanded job training programs to get people back on their feet. 



The single most impactful way we can change the trajectory of young people’s lives is to improve their quality of education.

What happens outside of the classroom is often just as important as what happens in the classroom. A top priority of mine on the Council will be to rapidly expand after school programming for all students. Let’s give our students more opportunities to try new things, be challenged, find their passions and gain life long skills. 


I will work to have the District partner with our region’s largest employers to expand after school programing for high school students that gives them the training and certification they need to get a good paying job upon graduation. 


That’s why I believe we need to ensure that all public and charter schools provide students with access to a high quality education that is well resourced. Classrooms, teachers, textbooks and technology should be best-in-class. 


The more engaged parents are in their children’s education, the more success students achieve. Parents need direct lines of communication with school administration, a means to express their opinion on curriculum and an ability to secure tutoring resources.


Education should never stop. That’s why I want all adults in the District to have access to degree and certificate programs that will allow them to access more lucrative careers and continue in their journey of self-improvement.


Our youngest residents deserve a fair chance to receive best-in-class education and care. That’s why I support funding universal high quality childcare in the District, so that no family is excluded from providing their child a safe and nurturing environment.


For far too many residents, the burden of student loan debt has grown too high. That’s why I want the District to lead the nation by addressing the student loan crisis for residents who’ve obtained higher education by creating programs to allow residents to more easily refinance their loans at affordable interest rates.


Public Safety

Recently, the District has seen a rise in violent crime. That’s why we need bold, innovative leadership that’s in touch with the underlying causes and solutions to address public safety.

I’m a firm believer in the Cure Violence model and believe that in addition to improved police training, we need to start using the methods and strategies associated with disease control.


Firstly, the District should invest in training violence interrupters and outreach workers to prevent violence by identifying and mediating conflicts in communities and following up to ensure that the conflict does not reignite.


Secondly, culturally trained outreach workers should work with high risk individuals to make them less likely to commit violence by meeting them where they’re at, talking to them about the impacts of violence, and helping them obtain social services, such as job training and drug treatment.


Finally, workers must engage leaders in the community, residents, local business owners, faith leaders and service providers to convey the message that the community does not support the use of violence.


Only through collaborative community engagement can we stem the tide of violent crime in the District. We must provide all the necessary resources to improve communities holistically.



Careful stewardship of our environment should always be a top priority of the District. As our nation’s capital, we should lead the nation in environmental policy.

As the son of an environmental scientist, I’ve been a lifelong advocate for more ambitious environmental goals for the District.


We should lead the nation in our policies toward reducing waste and encouraging composting. That’s why I also support increased investment in a more robust composting infrastructure, along with investment in education. 


With the risks posed by climate change, we need to increase investments in green infrastructure and support the existing commitment to the DC Green Bank to fund clean energy projects. All new infrastructure construction should meet higher minimum green standards.  


I also support taxing carbon and encouraging both commercial and residential property owners to opt-in, at no cost, to a renewable service provider. I also want us to double down on our funding to expand solar energy production. We must fight to ensure the District’s energy comes from 100% cleans sources by 2030.



The District has a diverse landscape of transportation options which all need addressing.

A significant portion of our residents walk, bike, drive or take public transit to work, but our investments in our infrastructure hasn’t kept up with our growing population. Roads aren’t paved equitably around the District, streets aren’t always safe for walkers and bikers and our mass transit system doesn’t always have the resources to provide reliable and consistent services. 


On the Council, I will fight to ensure all residents can safely get around town no matter what mode of transportation they use. This means investing in new infrastructure for specific modes of transportation that puts safety as the top priority. 


With the rising cost of living, it's important that getting around town isn’t a burden on lower income residents and seniors. I support expanding free transportation options including the Circulator bus system. 


It’s important to ensure that emissions are dramatically reduced by our mass and shared transit system. That’s why I want the District to commit to a full fleet of electric and hydrogen cell buses and taxi cabs by 2030. We must ensure that our transportation system aligns with the priorities that we’ve laid out for the environment



There is no valid reason why the people of the District of Columbia deserve less representation than any other Americans.

Statehood for the people of DC is a simple matter of right vs. wrong. We pay federal taxes, serve in the military and build businesses that employ Americans across our country. 


We have made much progress, but we need to do more to get this done. As a member of the Council, I will vigorously fight to increase support for educational and advocacy initiatives to expand support for our cause.


As the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” With our hard work, we will bring justice to the people of the District through statehood. 

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