"I'm running to give all of us a fighting chance to get ahead"

- Marcus Goodwin

We need to make prosperity accessible to all of us in DC

Help DC residents move up in their career

Marcus will introduce legislation on day one to provide free online college and certificate programs available to DC residents so we all can get the degrees we need to get ahead.

Expand after school programing for all DC students

Marcus will work to give DC students a leg up by expanding access to high quality after school programming.

Close the wealth gap for future generations

Marcus will provide all children of DC residents with a baby bond that can be used for education, home ownership or starting a business in DC.

Allow homeownership to be possible for more of us

Marcus will expand down payment assistance through the District's Home Purchase Assistance Program so more DC families can build generational wealth.

Make DC an entrepreneurship and innovation hub

Marcus will make it easier for minority and women owned businesses to access capital and help residents launch their own business.

End institutional racism throughout DC Government

Marcus will lead reforms to ban practices that enable abuse and excessive force. He will also expand community policing, health and social services for residents.

Get to know Marcus Goodwin

Marcus was born and raised in DC. He is a middle child with seven brothers and sisters. His mother came to this country at age 22 from Senegal in West Africa. With her, she brought a sense of optimism that Washington was a place where she could pursue the American Dream. His father grew up in South Carolina and came to DC to study at Howard University.


Marcus grew up in neighborhoods where there were too many barriers to success and too few opportunities to get ahead. However, the direction of his life changed when he had just a couple of opportunities provided to him. 

His parents were able to get him into a good school, where he became a boy scout, played sports and met mentors who went to college and achieved big things with their lives. 

Marcus got the opportunity to go to the University of Pennsylvania, had fulfilling internships working at the DC Council and Mayor’s Office and got a Master's degree from Harvard University. 


He has built a career developing commercial properties that provide jobs and affordable housing for DC residents. His career has given him the opportunity to own his own home and have financial security. 


Stories like his are unfortunately far too rare in DC, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Marcus is putting his private-sector career on hold to run for the open At-Large seat on the DC Council because he thinks we should have somebody in the Wilson Building that is focused on giving all of us the opportunities we need to get ahead and move up the economic ladder. 

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